Abortion Pills

The Letters Editor 30th April 2018

The YES Campaign has gone berserk on abortion pills and poor women taking them without medical attention. They even flaunt misleading posters saying that women taking the pill will face 14 years in prison if the 8th Amendment is not repealed, implying that the penalty applies to contraceptive pills. The joke is that there are no reliable facts on the use or non-use of the abortion pill in Ireland. The Master of Holles Street says that about 1,000 women per annum receive abortion pills. Mr. Peter Boylan said it is responsible for 2,000 abortions on the Late Late Show and another doctor on the same show said 3,000.
The Minister for Health, Simon Harris, in his Dail speech cited verbatim an article from The British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (17/10/2016), The article was co-authored by members of a Dutch population control group Women on the Waves and others connected with similar groups. They claimed that in all Ireland they had sold 5,000 pills over 7 years from 2010-2016, Then in Spring 2017, in collusion with an Irish group they planned a tour of all Universities and major cities in Ireland distributing illegal abortion pills, breaking the law of the land. A dedicated pro-life group followed them around and their plans were reported to Gardai and Customs and Excise. The net result was that no pills were distributed.
Women on the Waves came to Ireland years ago planning to do abortions on Irish women on their ship in international waters. Over a year ago they tried the same stunt on San Salvador and had their ship impounded before they could flout the country’s laws.
The alleged survey of the distribution of abortion pills in Ireland was apparently the only account our Minister for Health had on the matter. To give credibility to such a foreign group engaged in undermining the laws and customs of independent nations is, to quote another Fine Gael Minister “a thundering disgrace/”
Mr. Peter Boylan said that in 1983, the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist did not back the Amendment in 1983. There was no need for it to do so as PLAC already had 12 of the most senior obstetricians as patrons.
Yours etc.
John O’Reilly
The Second Look Project
Unit 1,
6-7 Marine Road,
Dun Laoghaire,
Co Dublin.