Open Letter to the Government

Dear Pro-Life Supporter,

We are sending out this email to show how skewed and fatuous the Government’s “research” on the 8th Amendment was and how disgracefully false the Government’s and the Together for YES campaign was. Suspicions of crooked manipulation of votes are not without credibility. The Referendum will have removed the 8th Amendment and empowered the Government to legislate for abortion but does not compel it to do so. Every future effort to introduce abortion must be faced robustly.

The Government’s moves to brainwash the Irish people to accept abortion.

Our Government decided on a referendum to repeal Article 40.3.3 which protects the lives of unborn children just as the lives of all others are protected. The abortion rates of Irish residents declined by 52% over the past 16 years. It is one of the lowest abortion rates in the world, as is Northern Ireland’s. Respect for unborn life is equally valued in both parts of Ireland.

Ironically one great threat to unborn life in both parts of Ireland is Sinn Fein. Indeed, many of our supporters have said that if they lived in Northern Ireland, they would vote for the DUP, as the only viable Christian party in the whole island, guided by Christian principles.

Why the sudden clamour for legal baby-killing in the Republic?

Prior to the General Election in 2011, both Enda Kenny and Miceal Martin pledged to defend the right to life of the unborn child and to legislate to protect human embryos outside the womb. The same promise was made then by Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris. Then Fine Gael formed a coalition with abortion-loving Labour and the 2013 abortion legislation resulted. There was no respect shown by Fine Gael for the consciences of Oireachtas Members and gifted people like Lucinda Creighton and the late Peter Matthews who were expelled from the party.

At the 2016 General Election, Fine Gael/Labour seats declined by 50% and Labour’s by a staggering 81%. Promoting abortion was not an electoral asset!

We now have people as Ministers and Junior Ministers in Government of a quality that beggars belief. The cry for abortion became louder and much foreign money poured in from foreign billionaires, driven by Malthusian zeal for reducing world population by abortion.

Ironically, the present and last two Ministers for Children campaigned for abortion. The Taoiseach’s office (Enda Kenny’s) set up the Citizens Assembly- an insult to the intelligence of the Irish people. But there was not one squeak of outrage from RTE, the Irish Times et cetera. 99 people were chosen, allegedly by random sample, and then charged to take account of those who could not take off weekends to go to Malahide for months on end. To ensure that the 99 reached the right conclusions, they were divided into groups of 6 with a paid note-taker and facilitator at each table to “guide” them. To complete their education, there was an expert panel that chose “suitable” speakers. Two panel members are well known campaigners.

Those 99 people were fair game for brain-washing and they came up with recommendations that merited rejection. To give an air of respectability to the whole pantomime, a judge was appointed as Chairperson. The “findings” of the Assembly were then promulgated as if they had come from elected representatives or even from a Court.

The Assembly’s Report then went to a largely self-selected Oireachtas Committee of 21 about two or three of whom respected the unborns’ right to life and the Pantomime continued. The whole scenario is somewhat like the Nazi era which began in the 1930s with the extermination of the sick and disabled. Later, they worked up to Jews, Gypsies, Poles and Slavs. Nazi-like movements are rising again in many parts of Europe including Ireland.

It is a tricky, cruel, brutal and inhuman road that is planned. It is a total reversal of democracy and real human rights.

Background to the actual referendum campaigners for YES

The Together for YES campaign was the official Government campaign which Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris fought alongside. This again was controlled by the Council for the Status of Women, a totally Government funded operation and probably now funded more than normal from public funds. Unknown to most citizens, the homosexual organisation GLEN was comfortably funded from the HSE since Mary Harney was Minister of Health in 2006. During Leo Varadkar’s Ministry in 2015, while the “gay marriage” referendum was in progress, GLEN received extra funds from two different sections of HSE! GLEN went bankrupt after 2015 and there appears to have been many abuses.

The Together for YES campaign issued constant falsehoods and misleading statements. Some voters thought they were campaigning for better healthcare and less crowded A&Es. They stated emphatically that Savita Halapanaver would be alive today if she had had an abortion. This was a deliberate lie. Four investigative committees – the Coroner’s court, hospital doctors’ committee, HSE and HIQUA committees saw no connection between her death and the 8th Amendment, Both Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris, both of whom knew the truth of the matter, backed that story all the way. If the Taoiseach and the Minister of Health, come out with such blatant untruths, how could anyone accept their word on anything.

The Together for YES in a nationwide leaflet said that 70% of Irish women who have abortions are married. In truth, it seldom exceeded 19%.and the Campaign’s publication proudly sported two pro-abortion obstetricians who had been roundly condemned by a number of past chairmen of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for spreading misleading and false comments.

Aftermath of the Referendum

The scene in Dublin Castle Yard on May 26th as the count concluded showed a jubilant concourse with the prospect of the massive slaughter of the unborn on Irish soil. Highly predictable people were there including Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris.

Other Matters

The Taoiseach then proceeded up to Northern Ireland to address a meeting of Sinn Fein in a Catholic institution chaired by Gerry Adams. From there he called upon Northern Ireland to legalise abortion, much to the disgust of the Catholic institution and the DUP.

The Republic is over 80% Christian, and since 2011, the Government has adopted a very hostile and insolent attitude to religion. This may be a consequence of its constant promotion of all things relating to LGBT. If a Taoiseach or a Minister is homosexual, bi-sexual or lesbian, that should be their own private and personal business. But while prancing abroad, representing the Republic, it is the worst of bad taste to attend numerous “gay Pride” marches. It was recently revealed that the Government plans to promote LGBT activities though all Government Departments. According to US and UK statistics, active homosexuals total no more than 1.5% of the adult population for all cases. There is a very dark side to it too – AIDS, HIV, suicides, high rates of STDs and homosexual rape, chronicled by the CSO, the Gardai and the Rape Crisis Centres. This is a matter of grave concern.

The threats by both Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris to deny freedom of conscience on abortion to doctors and nurses and to try to force Catholic Hospitals to do abortions is despotic and Fascist and cannot be tolerated.

Some journalists recently claimed on very tenuous grounds that some of the founders of our State were homosexual. What is certain is that there were a number of homosexuals in the Nazi Party and Hitler’s brownshirts. That is a matter of historical record also

Mr.Varadkar said recently that he was inspired by Mr. John A. Costello. In our Republic’s short history we have had Taoisigh of integrity, character and good judgement including Eamon de Valera, John A Costello, Liam Cosgrave et cetera. They would not be inspired by Mr. Varadkar’s activities and knowingly false statements.

Thanks and Admiration to those opposing the Government’s murderous plans

Thanks to every organisation and individual who opposed those plans – all the
Christian churches, the pro-life bodies and a number of Oireachtas, Members,
including, Mattie McGrath, Peadar Toibin, Carol Nolan, Sean Barrett, Peter
Fitzpatrick, Sean Haughey, Michael Harty, Danny and Michael Healy Rea, Eamon O
Cuiv, Michael McGrath, Bobby Aylward and a large number of Fianna Fail, who
rejected the Party attitude to abortion accepted by the Fianna Fail leadership.

Things to Remember for the Future

If the Referendum result is judged valid, despite the lies of the Together for YES
Campaign (and Messers Varadkar’s and Harris’s endorsement of those lies) and the
grave suspicions about vote-counting etc, one fact remains. The vote simply
removes the 8th Amendment and allows the Government to legislate on abortion.
It does not compel it to do so to any particular degree or at all.
Killing any human being is a very serious matter. Of all human beings the baby
is totally innocent of any wrong-doing, no matter how conceived or handicapped
The battle is far from over.

It is time we discarded political correctness and regained freedom of speech.
We cannot allow the murder of our children, serious insults to churches and
the undermining of religious freedom and the right to have our children
educated in conformity with their religion without our Government’s
interventions designed to undermine their morality and cause confusion.

Yours faithfully,

John O’Reilly