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We regularly compile and update statistics on Abortion Rates and Maternal Mortality rates in Ireland and elsewhere.


Please find below some updated Statistics for 2017

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Click here to download: Abortion Statistics 2017
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This PDF contains statistics on various aspects, including:

  • Overview of Irish abortions
  • Comprehensive Data on Abortion Rates in The Irish Republic
  • Maternal Deaths per 100,000 live births, Ireland and UK
  • Comparative Abortion Rates, Ireland & Britain 1968-2017
  • Abortions as a % of Births in Great Britain and Ireland
  • Nationality Breakdown of abortions on Irish residents 2017
  • Additional Information on Northern Irish abortions 1991-2017
  • Pregnancies to Single Teenage Women in the Republic of Ireland
  • Details on Abortions in England and Wales, 2017
  • Repeat Abortions in England & Wales 2017
  • Breakdown by County of Irish Abortions in 2017
  • Some International Abortion Statistics

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