The Unborn Child – One of Us

Each of us has a unique beginning

Modern science clearly shows that human life begins at conception. It is therefore entitled to all the protections the rest of us enjoy.

18 days after conception the baby’s heart is beating.

At 8 weeks everything to be found in a fully grown person is formed.

At 11 weeks fingerprints and fingernails appear.

At 12 weeks the baby’s lips open and close. It turns its head and can leap around the womb.

At 16 weeks the baby reacts to sound, sucks, swallows and yawns.

At 18 weeks most mothers feel the baby’s movements. By pushing with its feet and head, the baby exercises its developing muscles. The baby now sucks its thumb.

At 20 weeks the baby sleeps and wakes like a born baby.

At 24 weeks the baby continues moving, hearing and perhaps even dreaming.

At 30-40 weeks the baby, if left undisturbed, will grow stronger until it’s time to be born.

We all travelled a similar amazing journey towards birth. How can we say the unborn child is not one of us entitled to protection as every one of us is at vulnerable moments in our lives.